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Bahrain Says It’s Time to Embrace Israel. The Gulf Hears a Saudi Voice..

Bahrain’s closeness to Saudi rulers makes it unthinkable the change in diplomatic ties happened without approval. But Saudi Arabia itself may not be in a rush to normalize relations with Israel.

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Bahrain’s diplomatic agreement with Israel is a building block toward Middle East stability.

With Bahrain’s announcement Friday that it will join the United Arab Emirates in establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, dominoes are falling in the Middle East in the right direction for a change.

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Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Bahrain-Israel deal shows why Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize.

President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to establish peaceful relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors, which took a big step forward Friday with the announcement that Israel and Bahrain will establish diplomatic ties.

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Bahrain moves toward normalizing relations with Israel.

Bahrain joined the United Arab Emirates as the first Persian Gulf countries expressing willingness to end their long-standing refusal to recognize Israel.

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