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Wheaton College Remembers Sept. 11 Hero Todd Beamer.

Todd Beamer, who heroically gained control of the cockpit of Flight 93, graduated from Wheaton College in 1991.

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Column: Years after 9/11, the political use of fear continues on.

And now they use it, without a thought, to open their phones. Up ahead, the traffic light was red. I stopped, and the man in the car next to mine looked at me with his mask on. A dog sat on the front seat next to him.

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10:06 a.m. on 9/11: United Flight 93 Goes Down in Pennsylvania Field.

Flight 93 had heroes on board…. Todd Beamer – “Let’s roll!” The 32-year-old Oracle Corp. account manager from Cranbury, N.J., was believed to have helped lead a passenger attack on Flight 93 hijackers that prevented the jet from reaching its …

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‘They Took a Vote and Then They Acted’: Trump Honors the Heroes of United 93.

The president recalled the final moments before the flight crashed into a field in southern PA, forever remembered now in the immortal words of passenger Todd Beamer, who led a counter-attack on …

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