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“We will never forget”: Hampton 9/11 commemoration honors the fallen.

Former Hampton Councilwoman Angela Leary has organized the commemoration for nearly two decades, a program that stemmed from another service called “Trees of Hope” in the “Soils of Justice,” that took place on Dec.

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Never Forget: Throwback Pic of Riley the Service Dog Reminds Us of the Canine Heroes on 9/11.

A Redditor reminded everyone of the sacrifices and hard work that some service dogs performed in the aftermath of 9/11 by sharing a photo of Riley, one of the dogs that assisted emergency response crews in finding people buried in the rubble at Ground Zero.

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‘Never forget and never again’: Syracuse marks 19th anniversary of 9/11 attacks (photos, video).

Syracuse police, firefighters, and public officials held a limited attendance ceremony at the Police Memorial in Forman Park.

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September 11th: We Said We’d Never Forget, But We Did.

New York City officials announced that the 9/11 memorial Tribute to Light would be cancelled due to coronavirus concerns and health risks that were “far too great”.

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