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9/11 Timeline: How the September 11 Attacks Unfolded at World Trade Center, Pentagon, Flight 93.

September 11, 2001, was the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil and claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

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A Timeline Of Trump’s Misleading 9/11 Claims.

Trump has made numerous false claims about 9/11, including that he watched “thousands” of Muslims cheer when the Twin Towers came down.

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9/11 anniversary: timeline for the 11 September attacks.

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the 11 September terrorist attacks in which hijacked planes were flown into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

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Column: Aurora teachers strive to make 9/11 more than a history lesson.

Teachers in Aurora who were students themselves when terrorists attacked America find ways to connect with kids not yet born on Sept. 11, 2001.

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