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Portable air purifier, ‘smallest’ Xbox and other tech news.

Ghost Robotics’ robo-dogs team up with the US Air Force to guard the perimeter of a military base; Microsoft reveals “smallest Xbox ever” – the Series S – will go on sale in N

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Over 7,800 shoppers gave this ‘miraculous’ air purifier near-perfect marks — and it’s 44 percent off.

If you’ve always equated air purifiers with doctor’s offices and hospitals, it might be time to start seeing them differently. Air purifiers are a line of defense against pollen, pet dander and allergens — they attract and capture all the microscopic particles floating in the air to give you a cleaner,

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Clean the air in your home with an air purifier on sale.

While it won’t magically fix everything, an air purifier can help to remove some of the pollutants, ash, and dust from indoor air to help you breathe a little easier. We’ve found a handful of air …

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Air quality experts share tips on purifiers, filters, and taking safety to next level.

Depending on whether your home or office is outfitted with necessary filters or air purifiers, you could also be feeling those effects after breathing in unhealthy air. Lingering smoke and orange …

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