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Tropical Storm Sally to form in Gulf of Mexico with landfall forecast in Louisiana Wednesday as hurricane.

Intensification will ensue soon thereafter, and it is now forecast to make landfall at hurricane strength as it draws nearer to shore, most likely in coastal Louisiana on Wednesday. Tropical storm watches are up from the Big Bend of Florida west of Tallahassee to near Fort Walton Beach,

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Tropical Storm Sally could form in the Gulf of Mexico today.

Tropical Depression 19 is bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to Florida Saturday before the storm is expected to intensify as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico later in the day.

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Weather Channel live stream: How to watch hurricane and tropical storm tracking online.

Make sure you can track weather systems during hurricane season even if your television or even you electricity go out. The Weather Channel is live streamed by fuboTV. Nineteen was just off the coast of South Florida early Saturday but is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico and strengthen into a tropical storm,

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Tropical Storm Sally likely to form Saturday as it crosses South Florida, strengthens in Gulf.

Tropical Depression 19 is producing a large area of thunderstorms and rain, and it’s moving over Florida this weekend.

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