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Zoom trending. Here is what you need to know

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Zoom, Docusign, Okta: Work From Home Stocks Poised For Further Gains?.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to increasingly work and learn from home, causing surging demand for software focused on connectivity, collaboration, and cybersecurity. Our indicative theme on Work And Learn From Home Stocks is up by 178% year-to-date,

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The parrot problem: why Zoom calls are forcing people to abandon their pets.

During lockdown, a lot of people found it hard being trapped at home with a noisy bird that never shuts up – and rehoming is tricky as some of them really don’t like women

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PSA: Kim Kardashian Just Revealed Her Secret To Perfect Zoom Lighting.

When Kim Kardashian promoted the Lumee phone case with the built-in ring light a few years back, I bought one in a heartbeat. Now that she’s praising yet another tool for looking on-point while online,

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BWW Blog: Lessons from Zoom.

The semester is in full swing at the University of Miami, and so are rehearsals in the theatre department. a? Dona??t worry, ZOOM rehearsals. And even though the term a?oezoom rehearsalsa?? sounds really fun,

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