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Immaculate Conception? 62-Year-Old Snake Hatches Eggs Without a Male in Sight.

However, it wasn’t necessarily the snake reproducing asexually that stunned zookeepers—while uncommon, it isn’t impossible for female ball pythons to lay eggs all on their own—it was the fact that the reptile is nearly 62 years old and has managed to reproduce!

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‘Snake emergency’: rattlers bite two hikers in Yosemite.

Rattlesnakes are keeping Yosemite National Park’s search and rescue team busy. There have been two recent rattlesnake incidents, both involving helicopter rescues, at the park.

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Niagara Regional Police locate loose ball python snake unharmed.

A ball python snake has been located unharmed after being on the loose since Aug. 30, Niagara Regional Police said.

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Spinster snake lays eggs without male help.

SHOTLIST ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATESAUGUST 20, 2020SOURCE: SAINT LOUIS ZOORESTRICTIONS: NO RESALECREDIT: Saint Louis Zoo 1. Split screen / Split screen ball python wrapped around its eggs, the female python laid seven eggs on July 23 ST.

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