Here is why Diana Rigg is getting so much attention

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Appreciation: For the brilliant Diana Rigg, playing the smartest person in the room was second nature.

From “The Avengers” to “Game of Thrones,” Dame Diana Rigg, who died Thursday at 82, never played the fool. And she never overplayed anything at all.

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Dressed to kill: how Diana Rigg became a 60s style icon.

In her slinky leather catsuits and super-short miniskirts, The Avengers’ Emma Peel brought a fetishistic element to fashion

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Dame Diana Rigg: How the actress battled TV’s gender pay gap 54 years ago.

When actress Diana Rigg discovered she was earning less than a cameraman on 1960s TV show The Avengers, she was outraged. But she found little support in the industry, and hostility in the press. As the sharp and suave investigator Mrs Emma Peel,

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Diana Rigg, acclaimed actress known as ‘sexiest TV star of all time,’ dies at 82.

She starred in “The Avengers” in the 1960s, won a Tony Award for “Medea” and had a late-career role in “Game of Thrones.”

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